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Added: 17.03.2003
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Sergey
Country: Finland

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Punchbowl! Hey why not mod something else too! In these bowls i used 2 acrylic bowls (5 Liter/1,2gal) from local plasticheaven "etola", 5mm red, blue and green superbright leds and electroluminent tape as extra.

I drilled four 5mm holes in each bowls ALMOST through, and fitted leds in those with epoxy and sanded edges with 80grain sandpaper to get more effect. The system is using 12 volts and red/blue is done without resistors and green has 47ohm resistor. Works with 9 Volt battery too.

My next project is a tribal engraving to the edge of the bowls... and i think it will take couple years to finnish :) Meanwhile i only mod my computercases.

Website in finnish only, sorry.

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Longinus04.04.2004 04:33
carol 01.02.2004 03:02
this is really cool,do you sell any coasters,i would be a buyer.

check this out

actually found this from the coaster article

carol01.02.2004 03:02
this is really cool,do you sell any coasters,i would be a buyer.

Junkyard dog31.01.2004 22:13
That's just plain cool man good job!!

Mike25.12.2003 17:46
Tota pitää testata.. ihan paras.. kokeillaas..

thepurestevil23.11.2003 21:15
very very nice indeed

Sergey15.09.2003 03:26
I can rent these IF i get invited to party with avec :)

CHESTEr14.09.2003 17:51
nice mod. i enjoy it a good amount

Adam00713.09.2003 02:45
i think this mod kicks as*, but then again my as* is pounded alot

tomippa27.08.2003 14:11
i want to party.. LOL!