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Added: 21.01.2007
Owner: Wolf_modius
Country: United Kingdom

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this is a pentagram, that I carved into a small piece of plastic from a keyting, it looks a bit rough but I like it, and it does not look premodded =D it lights up from the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock LED's hope u enjoy =D

Pic 1 : all 3 LED's on at night

Pic 2 : just num lock on during day

Pic 3 : just caps lock on during day

Pic 4 : just scroll lock on during day

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 1.96 - Votes: 23

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Rotten11.11.2008 19:08
Hey you don't have to turn it upside down or make a circle around it. That is a freaking pentagram itself morons...

Wolf_modius27.07.2007 20:49
it is when u turn it upside down lol

caffeineboy27.07.2007 08:36
Lol, that's not a pentagram, it's just a cheerful little star.

Wolf_modius03.04.2007 14:07
Tahnk you =D i have a new keyboard now, i couldn't play CS:S well on it, and so i need something to do with my new one, any ideas?

Rafgar02.04.2007 23:27
Neat idea. Not something I'd do, but kudos for the original thought.

Wolf_modius05.03.2007 23:37
yeh...maybe I don't want to change it? and it's gone now anywayz, and I don't have the tools to solder

*anonymous*05.03.2007 17:53
1. Turn It upsidedown
2.Change to RED led
3.Create a circle around it to get a PENTAGRAM

A Pentagram without the circle is not a pentagram.


5/5 when u have changed It ;)

Wolf_modius22.02.2007 17:46
it's gone now lol, need to do summit better than that, and I would have turned it upside down, if i'd realised at the time.....

unliving22.02.2007 16:00
turn it upside down dude...

Hiiri26.01.2007 13:35
Cool! ,,/

solarfall24.01.2007 20:31
if i remember right a pentagram that way is a witch symbol.
i like the rough look. it looks more necro/evil that way 4/5

Wolf_modius24.01.2007 16:23
why? u ask, well because it's better than having boring old nothing, just LED's that flash, I wanted it to look better, which it sorta does, and ur rite, I should have done it upside down =P

Mitsukai24.01.2007 15:03
Turn it upsidedown and it becomes a Dimmu Borgir pentagram!!4/5

*anonymous*24.01.2007 03:36
lol, i don't know, WHY?!?!
looks a bit boring.