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Added: 26.02.2007
Full Case
Owner: DireSnake
Country: Russian Federation

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full custom mATX

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Rating: 3.26 - Votes: 269

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derezdev04.09.2009 23:44
Now that is innovative.

noj17.07.2009 15:24
Nice work! . What are the specs?

SebringTech10.08.2008 01:05
Wow! That must have taken a rather long time to complete! Amazing work!

Peici29.01.2008 20:38
I love that case

crescent04.09.2007 14:12
holy mother of god. this thing has me in tears now. it's over the top without being over the top. i'm not a fan of green neon but you've done this very tastefully! 5/5 for you mate!

slickness27.07.2007 23:28
I'm a skilled modder, but I've never seen anything beautiful before. its a masterpiece!

hmm..27.05.2007 23:18
nice ball 4/5...

Yaroha10.03.2007 13:54
Fantastic case !!!! 5/5

Viper5203.03.2007 11:08
Good idea !

RobertBryant01.03.2007 08:48
I've not seen anything like this anywhere, and
believe me, I HAVE looked everywhere.

TANk01.03.2007 07:39
This case for manager football club! :-)
Good work!

arbarth27.02.2007 19:30
This is something else!!! Great work!! How long didi it take to complete? 5/5

arbarth27.02.2007 19:28
lets kick it!!!!!!!

Bart27.02.2007 11:27
Good, very good 5/5

Mitsukai27.02.2007 07:16

moe27.02.2007 00:31
Wow, far out man.
This is what should be seen more: completely self made, innovative cases and not just some crappy case painted black with a windows on the side.

5/5 definately