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Added: 01.03.2007
Other hardware/devices
Owner: BTDM
Country: USA

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My friend had given me a 20gb iPod dock for my nano and it had just a bunch of empty space on eather side. I tried for a little bit to not let it anoy me but it finally got to me and I threw some USB powered red LED's on eather side of the dock. Now I am much more happy with it! :P

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Rating: 3.07 - Votes: 29

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*anonymous*15.03.2007 20:39
"much more happy" should be "much happier" but good job anyway. Makes it a lot more pleasant to look night at least 5/5

Mitsukai02.03.2007 14:01
Hey...this is great...i like it a lot!! I even like the colour...looks like iPod is burning!5/5 no less!