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Added: 17.03.2007
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Grey
Country: Russian Federation

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It is a modder's spoon :)

Admin's comments/notes:
hehe, great idea! :)

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Rating: 2.83 - Votes: 96

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*anonymous*12.05.2007 23:45

*anonymous*25.04.2007 19:45
L33T (LED) Spoon
Nice :D (Y)

moik27.03.2007 22:03
zOMG yuo've ov3rclocked yuor sp00n!!1

jnsu26.03.2007 13:44
can u add tutorial how to make one.

Grey22.03.2007 06:14
Maybe about 30 minutes

viki19.03.2007 08:36
nice idea:D how many our that take to do?:P

tarator18.03.2007 11:25
Still it is necessary to this spoon to add a plate.
Already saw, but all the same has smiled!
5/5 on ours 9/10.

Grey18.03.2007 08:17
Thank you. I use it to eat at night :)

slickness18.03.2007 07:59
How about using a clear plastic spoon, then use the LED to light up the actual spoon area. Wouldnt that be more functional?

haha, good craftsmanship on it!!! But not very good for decoration =(

zrR17.03.2007 22:54
Perfectly made. N1 idea. 5/5

*anonymous*17.03.2007 21:02
Ofcourse the soop tastes now better!!!:)

Mitsukai17.03.2007 16:51
Hehehe...I like this...great and clean made me think that you bought this in a store!! 5/5

Gary the gas pedal17.03.2007 09:26
soup i mean

Gary the gas pedal17.03.2007 09:25
Does the soop taste now better? :)