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Added: 02.04.2007
Full Case
Owner: iller
Country: Lithuania

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This is my project called "EMO". My first posts
I have made new black paint and it looks like this for two years now. Also I add some UV stuff and paind. Plexi windows are tinted.
I made mobile LCD (using LPT)- how-to
and inverted it how-to
Made case feets how-to
and some other modifications. Hope u like it ;)

You can look hear for new updates

More pics

Firs photo is how it looks before modding.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 108

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P4WLYK21.04.2007 23:34
really? I ever wanted this case... My friend have this, but with 3x5,25 pozitions... but he uses the case :(

*anonymous*21.04.2007 18:46
Wolf_modius ok i'll try ;)
P4WLYK really? I bought this case for ~10EU.

P4WLYK19.04.2007 21:40
thist is MOREX!!! oh, that's so nice case... I love it! This case was made in czech republic!!! respect!
I'm from Czech republic ;)

Wolf_modius19.04.2007 20:22
WOW! I love big cases...always look the nuts at LAN parties :P
The grill needs to be black and bolted behind the side panel so its "stealthed"

iller18.04.2007 14:28
erect24/7 no it's not selfmade grill.
Wolf_modius 62cm~25inch

Wolf_modius17.04.2007 20:56
How tall is that beast in inches? :P

erect24/717.04.2007 15:48
love it! 5/5! did you make the fan grill?

Jen10.04.2007 20:16
Flames aren't exactly EMO, more rocker/biker..but still, very tidy case 4/5 =)

Maxxis10.04.2007 12:55
Im with steve on this one, I have been "EMO" for years's only became popular in the last 5 years ago due to these wannabe scene kids.

iller09.04.2007 22:35
maybe, but 4 years ago I had no idea what this word meaned :P

SkemoSteve09.04.2007 22:14
LOL 4 years ago! EMO has been popular for over 5-6 years now and started in the 80's in fact! Wikipedia if you disbelieve me...

Puto09.04.2007 17:33
That window is perfect !!!

Wolf_modius02.04.2007 20:24
lol ok calm down, i like the LCD display, and it's pretty clean

*anonymous*02.04.2007 18:51
The name of my project (EMO) has no communication with the EMO style!!!
This word has been thought up by me 4 years ago.

Mitsukai02.04.2007 17:10
Nice and clean!! I like it very much...4/5!!

Domasis02.04.2007 15:02
I like it ;)

Wolf_modius02.04.2007 13:08
just because it's black it doesn't make it emo =/