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Added: 23.04.2007
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: G33
Country: Bulgaria

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This is my case :) HAHA

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Rating: 2.63 - Votes: 86

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metalll15.12.2008 17:44
Perfect, you got 5;-)

foxy01.04.2008 21:21
wud look beter if u cud not see all the wires or they were braded

*anonymous*06.06.2007 00:54
5/5 for the wallpaper

tito27.05.2007 00:16
ha-ha what a f* is that?

Adobe22.05.2007 22:44
by far the best case i have ever seen

haxor20.05.2007 20:09
5/5 because of your wallpaper on screen :P

xeon28.04.2007 20:32
If there would be no cables I would give you 4/5 but now only 2/5 :D so I in my opinion try to buy a PC case :D If you don't have money try to ask some people on the streets maby they would give you some money :D

tuvunen26.04.2007 19:50
Couldn't afford to buy a PC case? :D

Not worth more than 2/5.

Biludilupippi26.04.2007 19:13
All I can say: wow...

t-25.04.2007 20:13
thats good idea. no noisy fans on "case"

-Celldweller-25.04.2007 19:45
two words: cable management
it is so easy to mess up your hardware like this so put it back in case :)

Drake25.04.2007 17:41
1/5 because that bottom CD drive, and that floppy drive aren't actually doing anything (They aren't hooked up)

HBP24.04.2007 09:50
Nice buttons :D

moe23.04.2007 23:28
This has been done so many times before it's not that funny anymore. I'll give you one extra point for actually using screws and not just duct taping it everything on the wall.

Mitsukai23.04.2007 18:11
You need to re-think your cable management!! hahaha!! By tha way...white case is so 20th century...paint the wall black with blue neons on it!! hahaha 3/5

omfglollip00p23.04.2007 17:56
Congratulations! You Totally F*cked Up Your Computer! 1/5!!