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Added: 27.04.2007
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Grolf
Country: Russian Federation

.: All mods by owner...
In general clause{article} under the banal name-washing the first mouse...
I looked looked at the mouse «genius» that that there, year 2 probably,
Has then looked pair sites about moding and has decided to try{taste}...
Has for the beginning bought{purchased} dremel, a soldering iron, silicone, thermal glue with a special pistol,
Skin нулёвку, баллончики with a paint, a marker, very bright diodes of dark blue color, solder and
Special паяльную an acid...
dremel I have taken first time in a life, therefore have for the beginning checked up on the case standing mouse.

First the manipulator it is necessary to disassemble, separate buttons, further to put{render} a marker figure on a surface
Cases, a stomatologic drill to drill figure through (only it is necessary to be close{attentive} as
Plastic begins fuse and starts to pull a drill that badly affects accuracy of figure),
Further - from the external party{side} the cut figure (I have closed white plasticine and a film) is closed,
We fill in thermal with glue, we remove plasticine, we prepare thermal glue finally - we fill in with glue (only accurately!!)
The remained emptiness, we process a writing knife, then a soldering iron on distance 3-4мм.
We start to drive above the filled in figure (thermal glue under temperature is smoothed), then
We cover figure with the soaked soap on a consistence as a cream (it is put{rendered} not bad ваткой on a match)

We prepare for painting (it is grounded, degrease), we paint in some layers, then accurately
By the same cosmetic coat it is removed the put{rendered} soap from figure (movements are directed from edge{territory} of figure to the center)
, We wash out under water... On it{this} with a cover it is finished... We start buttons, т.к.мы cut
Figure with the purpose of its{his} illumination.... And fastenings of buttons we stir{prevent} to our illumination, therefore them
We cut off, but not under a root!! We stick together them together strips of plastic (I have taken a slice from a cover from cd disc) then we curve from the same strip letter Z which bottom end it is pasted to the case from within, and top the bottom party{side} to a strip which connects buttons, we paint..

Diodes have got to me under 3 volts-therefore resistors I did not use.. 2 pieces I have arranged in average
Parts of the mouse and 1 with back :)) (it has been made for uniform illumination), diodes has pasted on
Rubbed glue (it{he} as isolation too works +dry up very quickly), we collect... We cut into a computer...
If that that does not work-check up serviceability of the device, correct following of the instruction, hands whence grow.. 
On idea-if you on this site of a-hand at you whence it is necessary grow, all means will turn out!!!
Creative successes to you!!! Yours faithfully Grolf.

Admin's comments/notes:
I just love these machine translations. :) The mod looks great and I do know how hard it is to make the transparent parts like this. Great work!

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Rating: 2.75 - Votes: 57

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Einari24.05.2008 17:36
Google translator or Babel fish xD

Dogleg30.04.2007 13:02
Now reading that was funny! LOL
Nice mod!
Creative successes to you!!!

tarator28.04.2007 18:58
My comment will be short - do not leave this employment.
3/5 - > 7/10.

BrianTheSith28.04.2007 10:16
I tried reading it and couldn't make heads or tails, but it is still a nice mod. :)

Mitsukai28.04.2007 01:54
I am not going to read all that! But I like your mod! 5/5