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Added: 21.05.2007
Game Consoles
Owner: Sisk
Country: USA

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My cats chewed up the sensor bar on my Wii, so, after resisting the urge to skin them alive and finding out that Nintendo's warrenty didn't cover destructive pets I made a trip down to Radio Shack and bought $4 worth of parts. The rest is stuff I had sitting around. Random factoids: a new sensor bar from Nintendo costs $15 with shipping and a third party wireless sensor bar is $20 if you're fortunate enough for the local gaming shop to have one in stock.

Sorry about the picture quality. One day I'll get a real digicam and stop taking pictures with my phone.

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zaq02.01.2008 02:40
or you could have used candles...

*anonymous*29.07.2007 10:15
Considering how cheap/easy it is to make your own sensor bar you could have at least tried to make it look half decent...
But whatever it does fix your problem at least