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Added: 26.06.2007
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Chris Mullen
Country: USA

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I was looking for a good desk to set up my office and found a pair of wire shelf systems made for use in a kitchen. Every thing is adjustable to the inch and each unit came with 3 shelves, one wood counter top, one half width shelf and one narrow brace. (pic1) I used one shelf and top to make my desk top and connect the two units togeather. The space is large enough to hold two laptops. (pic2) The other top supports my large monitor. one half shelf is used as a keyboard and mouse tray and the other half shelf supports two 15 inch auxillary monitors, a DVD and a VHS player. I use the two braces for running wires and hangng things from (like the speakers). The shelves are large enough to support four full size cases with room to spare! The heart of the whole desk is a 4 port KVMA (Keyboard/Video/Mouse/Audio) switch and network hub, located behing the white container and is hard wired to a keyboard and mouse in the tray or a wireless system. I have used wire wrap tubing (red and blue) to pair up the network and KVM cables in to a single mannageable bungle to each pc. All pc's are displayed on the large monitor but one pc has a dual head video card that controlls to two auxillary monitors and splits to the main monitor as well. Each bundle is color coded and numbered for easy selection. the power control pannel next to the pcs control groups of equipment, (monitors, Pc's, Misc, etc) Even though I am only running 450Mhz P III's combind they are quite powerful. Gateway1 is the entertainment system, TV, Radio, DVD & Winamp and also the main file server. Gateway2 is for CD Ripping & burning, down loads and backups and file serving. omni3 is the dual head internet surfing pc. The fourth pc is being repaired at this time. I am planning on upgrading to P4's or the equivilent and switching to flat pannel displays. A future mod (pic3) is using an old PSU to replace the five 12v and 5v wall warts as well as running Task and Theme lighting, cooling fans for me and the equipment and a built in modding test center more on those later.

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rrpostal10.03.2008 19:15
looks like all the stuff I gave away years ago to make room for stuff that I'd actually use sometime. I always wondered were it wound up? Actually I'm a hoarder also, but at some point you need to realize it's just land fill. Like almost all CRT monitors. Get rid of them. They are heavy, take up too much space wherever you put them, and every government agency in the world is giving away their old ones. You actually have to PAY people to come take them away. Literally. I have one 20 incher around but I can't stand using it because I'm so used to widescreen. Plus it weighs to much to move without building an intricate pulley system and a pack mule.

jurve14.10.2007 09:38
I guess Flob has extra decent desk, but no computer.. :D

Novaadastra20.09.2007 19:28
Hey "Flob" What does your desk look like?

novaadastra13.09.2007 01:37
All most all of this was free. I have enough power to do everything I want to do and the kids are more important. Now that they are growing up and moving out I will get more stuff for me. Even the people with the over clocked power gamer systems are impressed with what and how much I can do with this old equipment.

*anonymous*19.07.2007 23:33
How come you are so sure that he is spent "much money"? If you get lucky you can get good computer stuff free..

Flob11.07.2007 18:33
Looks ghetto, If you didnt spend so much money on crap equipment , you may have had enough to get something decent