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Added: 08.07.2007
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: MRQ
Country: Uzbekistan

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The surface of my A4Tech X-750F mouse eventually got damaged and became inconvenient for my hand, so I decided to cover my mouse with leather. I used old kid glove and glue. Now it's pleasant to touch the mouse and work and play with it.
Whole work took about one week, 2-3 hours every day.
P.S. This is my first modding experience.

Admin's comments/notes:
Great work quality! :)

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Rating: 2.66 - Votes: 102

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olle31.01.2008 15:26
nice idea! I have the same mouse with the same problem, well I know what I'll do next 2 weeks =)

.:chalin:.29.01.2008 19:33
I've got x750 BF in snakecamuflage,this is nice :-)

benjojo17.01.2008 22:34
a w s o m e what is next???

Stebenwulf/AtecyH02.09.2007 20:52
Welcome to mod scene!
Nice mod for first mod. Just like me.. Some easy and cool :)

FRaGGLE^21.08.2007 02:42
Very Nice clean job there man!!! looks good


qqmber14.07.2007 13:36
nice job!

tarator12.07.2007 14:32
Really beautifully looks,even to take in a hand.
4/5 -> Strains a combination of colour of a skin + plastic slightly

Sinhumane12.07.2007 03:20
also, one thing.. what about making the black pieces silver? maybe? iono.. looks excellent nonetheless.

Sinhumane12.07.2007 03:19
i'm definitely making one of these! slick... was it just like a brown leather work glove you used?

Drakmin11.07.2007 23:48
Really great. Mouse looks far better after the mod than before ! (Usually mice look better unmodded) This seems durable and colours match nicely.