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Added: 17.07.2007
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Rangleri
Country: Finland

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This is an amplifier for my subwoofer and is part of my 5.1ch audio system connected to my PC.
The enclosure is completely self-made. The frame is made of wood and the front panel is alloy. It has only a ultra bright white led and a volume adjustment pot. The plexi-glass is covering the whole thing.

The cooling for two power transistors (epitaxially connected darlingons) is done by an AMD Sempron's heatsink cutted in two pieces. There is also a manually adjusted fan (3-12VDC)(The transducer is in the lower right corner on the picture) So far this system has worked perfect.

The amplifier has a 120hz/12dB crossover. (on the picture upper right corner).

On the upper left corner is the toroid transducer for the amplifier itself.

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FOXY01.04.2008 22:05
proper good build. If it sounds as good as it looks it deffo worth 5-5