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Added: 21.07.2007
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Ivan Gorechkin
Country: Kazakstan

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My workspace :)

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Rating: 1.07 - Votes: 382

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mirotvorets14.12.2010 14:23
...znakomaja sityacija, y menja po4ti tak ze))
a ewe ja na stene povesil tabli4ky - "Y menja ne svalka, a organizovanui nelineinui porjadok!" )))

loggerx23.12.2007 07:18
What a mess. Its look like a store room.

Satan13.12.2007 00:13
you have stole all things? i think there you come from are a screwed place ;) Sweden FTW ! i dont like it... pighouse ! >.

sfa20.11.2007 08:02
is that a tft monitori see, oh nevermind

Mike10.10.2007 20:09
How many TV's and VCR's do you got?!

loll08.09.2007 23:00
borat was filmed in romania you idiots

Delucard05.09.2007 21:59
Dude! you gotta serioulsy cleanup ur room. this is your mother speking! :D

Harakiri18.08.2007 23:29
Are you somehow related to Borat Sagdiyev? You come from the same country and your houses are similar.

Aldan12.08.2007 16:01
To say this looks like an insult to crap. Amazingly bad.

Zyklon12.08.2007 11:33
Omg..true techmaniac!))

GSX12.08.2007 00:18
WTF! Why would you post this? I wouldn't even let my dog lay his head down on that carpet.

nagashiro10.08.2007 23:19
wow umm... its that blood on your carpet ...O.o

Dogleg10.08.2007 18:13
Blimey - My room looks clean now!!

P4WLYK10.08.2007 15:48
OMFG :D I have big mess!!! but this is too BIG MESS, the biggest mess!!! I have rule!!!! (or what is it)