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Added: 01.08.2007
Other hardware/devices
Owner: guitarockerk
Country: USA

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First pic is basicly what i started with, a really old speaker i bought in a set of two for 5$

other 3 are what i did with it, now its a portable, battery powered mini amp for my guitar... it has on/off and volume controls... but no tone or anything to help stabilize the sound, so it recieves alot of interfereance from just about anything close by (like my hand etc)...

i ripped the emblem off another amp i had, it didn't look too great on it...

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cassiel16.12.2008 00:59
the folks at have several preamp stages from lots of tube amps, modded to work as a stompbox, replacing the valves with FET's, making them run at 9v. you could add one of those as a tone stack, I'm doing it with an old computer speaker I've got liying around.

rustycage01.10.2007 15:10
really impressive modd dude !!!!
did you add the volume control/ on-off switch yourself ?
the tone control is usually provided on guitar isn't it, at least my guitar has that !
really cool from that junk you made
10/10 for you !!