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Added: 30.08.2007
Single case mods
Owner: Knucks
Country: United Kingdom

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Was inspred by Aphrodite image so I etched it.

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Rating: 1.76 - Votes: 113

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deBroglie30.07.2008 09:29
I agree, if that was done with a dremel then you deserve to be in the world record books for outstanding patience and robot-like precision.

Nevertheless, I give you 5/5 because I like blue and I like women, but I hate The Smurfs oddly enough lol.

nicz29.07.2008 18:03
that is done with laser not dremel :P

Richie29.07.2008 09:42
Dremel and patiance....

Olio22.06.2008 16:33
What u use ? laser ?
Giev Vector imges.

Marco13.09.2007 13:41
Wow thats really cool how you can do that amazing i gave 5/5