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Added: 07.12.2007
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: izcool
Country: USA

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This is my (what I call) "lab" that I set up in my basement, where I spend most of my time fixing, building, and playing around with the computers that I get from some place or another. I just counted and I've got 16 PC's down here (some not shown in the pictures), 2 additional ones are servers, and I've got an iMac DV SE down here, it's nothing special, but at least it's got OS X on it. So that brings me to a total of 19 machines down here. I've got my best hardware upstairs. I'm looking into getting a space heater for down here as it does tend to get cold in the winter and a couple of flat panels would be nice too. :) The black computer I mostly use for internet surfing when I'm down here, and use the space on the 2 black tables to test machines that I'm working on and swap around quickly since it's easy to do. I've got parts lying about all over the place as you might tell. I'm looking into donating some of these machines over to the Salvation Army as I really don't need this many. Most of these machines I got for really cheap or for free. That's about it I guess.

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isama15.08.2008 20:59
ahhhw! i'd like to have such a lab!!

Dogleg07.12.2007 14:30
I wish my new house had a basement (or a cellar as we call it in the UK) - I Must post some pictures of my new setup...

This is what every computer geeks work area looks like!