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Added: 21.12.2007
Single case mods
Owner: Pegasus
Country: Denmark

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One day I realised just how depressing the very dark brown "neutral" color of my laptop was to me. I had for some time been wnating to mod my laptop, but had been unable to decide what to do.
Yeasterday it was clear to me what had to be done. It had to change color! And as I LOVE blue, I found the perfect blue skin for my laptop.

Some people find it a bit much, and somewhat distracting to work at my new blue laptop.
Me - I can't stop smiling and I get a warm and happy feeling inside every time I look at it.
So I guess one will either like or dislike what I have done with it.
And that's okay because I have to look at it most often - AND I LOVE IT!!!

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Rating: 2.03 - Votes: 29

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rustycage21.11.2009 12:04
the orignal dull black looked much better..

feli19.06.2009 00:41
awsome mod, simple and quick, looks alittle to flashy, metalic blue very nice done. codas for the work, as long as your happy with your own work then its not a shame :)

KevlarMunkey09.03.2008 06:17
A bit flashy for my tastes, but if you enjoy it then kudos to you. Very clean, 5/5 from me.

Pegasus04.01.2008 07:13
it sparkles, as there is some kind of holographic imprint. I daylight, its just blue, but in artificial light, there is a rainbow of purple, red, green and yellow. It really comes to life then.

Dogleg02.01.2008 13:57
I Love that colour!

Does it sparkle?

Lev31.12.2007 19:15
It's an awesome color, I love it :D

Ajde!23.12.2007 23:40
You are crazy. Ask the doctor what he thinks about it!