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Added: 04.01.2008
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Masso
Country: United Kingdom

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Philips Dvd player i bought for 30 english pounds last night. Bought for main reason can be region unlocked at home FREE with a remote code.

I tested the player to see if it worked out. Today i ripped her open got my mulitimeter out and tested power supply. I found a 11.5v point. So soldered 4 red led's. I slapped 2 by the dvd drive so when drive is open can see dvd drive n disc glow. Can even see dvd drive glow when closed too.

I slapped the other 2 at the base for 2 base spotlights. I think it looks pretty good. I was lucky there were already 2 pre-cut holes for my 2 base leds.

All in all its a subtle fairly easy to do mod. I did not want SUPER BRIGHT lights when viewing my dvd's lol specially when there adult ones LOL.

But they say less can be more!!! Hope you like. :)

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Masso16.01.2008 01:16
I was tempted to cut a window on the top, as the pre-made dvd drive, you can see the disc spin. I remember doing a xbox 360 once, god it was so hard to cut the dvd drive to the correct shape! 360's modders will understand what im on about...
But i thought less can be more so left it how it is :)

Masso16.01.2008 01:12
It looks better when i put it on my glass tv stand shelf i have downstairs. My underneath spotlights make my glass shelf glow nicely :)

*anonymous*15.01.2008 10:41
cool - simple