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Added: 02.03.2008
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Exu
Country: Finland

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This is my desk.
Computer: Asus Striker extreme, Intel E6750 core duo2, Kingston HyperX low latency sli ready memory 2048Mb, 8800GTS 320Mb SLI (2) GTX->speed. WD digital Raptor 74Gt (windows and games), seagate 400Gt and 200Gt all Sata. Case NZXT ZERO full tower, Thermaltake 1200W straightpower. and somes cold cathos
Audio: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Digital 550W rms-1010W Peak.
And Logitech G11, Razer Diamondback, Logitech MOMO force feedpack and Logitech Force 3D PRO.
Screen: LG L245WP-BN (24") and second LG L204WT-SF(20,1") and LG duallayer LightScribe dvd/cd burner.

And cables 100Metres

And all is my own buy, no daddys leasing. I live my own house.

Seeyouu! And ask?

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Rating: 3.02 - Votes: 1072

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Result of ?

Exu10.06.2008 16:38
Because i upgrade system.

*anonymous*10.06.2008 02:05
1200W what for ?? cooker and a fredge

Exu20.04.2008 22:21
Harrastusta ei voi rahassa mitata :D

*anonymous*20.04.2008 21:49
Sairasta rahojen tuhlausta!

... Ei vainenkaan!

5/5 sen takia ku oot tommosella raudalla kopan täyttäny :P