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Added: 06.04.2008
Full Case
Owner: MichaelC
Country: Ireland

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This is my first mod. For obvious reasond, I've given it to the owner of my favourite wine shop. You can see it in the Vintry in Dublin.

The outer case is a standard Bordeaux 12 bottle wooden case. All the fittings came from a PC I salvaged from a skip. The card rack and motherboard plate had to be cut and TIG welded to make them fit. The LEDs were put together from those founf in two seperate machines. The switch mount is custom made from a blanking plate and uses a cork for a button. To add extra cooling, I mounted a spare AMD64 cooling fan in the floor. I deliberatly didn't conceal the CD drive as I wanted to make the purpose of the case obvious.

The system itself is an old Pentium III setup, which was leftover from an upgrade. All re-cycled components.

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Rik22.09.2009 19:29
I like it. 2 months ago I did the same with a beercrate

Harry09.04.2008 16:03
Nice themed case, could you have got a different box with a more interesting grain? Would have prefered a nice Barolo myself.... :-)

Wintear09.04.2008 00:01
Looks as wooden as your goodself

hairy Monster08.04.2008 14:50
I take it you drank the 12 bottles of Bordeaux first!!

Dogleg08.04.2008 14:10
If only you had made a false top with the top third of some wine bottles stuck to it! :D

You should cap the screw holes in the sides with dowell.
A good "green" use of old spare parts!