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Added: 09.04.2008
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Orbital
Country: United Kingdom

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i got bored with just green! the top LED where u put the palm of your hand used to be a 0.5mm LED and i only had 5mm LEDs! you can imagine the amount of grinding i had to do, after the grinding finished i obviously decided to stick it all together with hot glue, which was a disaster, and i eventually had to do a whole lot more grinding which turned into another even bigger disaster resulting in a non perfect circle, so im sorry about that, im fully aware the top bit kind of sucks but seriously at night you cant see anything except the light, and the lights in real life are a lot less bright in real life. sorry for the poor quality pictures, they were taken with my phone. thank you !
p.s. those of you who dont know (just to let you know) the top LED oscillates from on to off etc.

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Orbital08.05.2008 02:23
Just so i dont look like an idiot, i realised i didnt mention, because i thought i didnt need to, but the green bits were existing pre mods, i didnt do them , i just did the blue bits.

diablomx19.04.2008 16:58
Awesome man.

nicz12.04.2008 14:25
thats f*cking nice man 100/10