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Added: 21.04.2008
Other computer HW
Owner: FR3AK
Country: Germany

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Yes this is my TFT I sometimes a little has changed!!

Were done:

- In silver varnishes (was where from is white)
- the loudspeakers were developed
- Because where the loudspeakers were milky amateur handicraftsman's glass was obstructed and the whole one was still lighted up.

It was Yes this also already, however see itself;-)

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rustycage30.11.2009 11:57
an alien language..hehe

Snowtiger29.11.2009 21:40
Seems he used an online translator, perhaps English is not his thing.

Zalmann09.06.2008 13:22
Does anyone understand what he said ?

*anonymous*11.05.2008 14:16