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Added: 24.05.2008
Full Case
Owner: axelangel007
Country: Philippines

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cosmos 1000

perform cosmos case to chrome finish , top, front door panel , open clear case side panel,handle bars

silverstone modify fan controllers front panel

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Rating: 1.71 - Votes: 104

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Heckell25.07.2009 01:11
WOW !!!! Man I like that dragon!, like a tatoo on your cosmos chest. Great idea to place the frontal fans for the hard drives, natively as it is this case is already hard to mod because it is so finely built(took great pains to get a hold of one in mex city but finally got one), however the HDs lack a bit of air circulation, which I'm certain you dont have that issue anymore. Love the side polish too.

FireFox29.09.2008 17:55
awesome case you got there man, polished and all looks fantastic! love the UV on the inside too!