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Added: 29.06.2008
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Inventor
Country: Spain

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Being an airsofter (like paintball but with more real guns), this idea just came to my mind one day, playing with a bottle in the shape of a grenade. Maybe i could saw it in half and stuff in an optical mouse,and voila, here it is, the amazing mouse grenade.

Right and left buttons work like apple mouses, by pushing the corners of the grenade head. The third button however, works by pushing the spoon, bending a little (1mm or less) the grenade body and making contact with an internal pushbutton...

All in all, a fun and quick project.

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Rating: 1.89 - Votes: 56

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nicz14.07.2008 21:05
thats f*cking sweet man, 10/5