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Added: 01.10.2008
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Owner: Abhishek Kumar
Country: India

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Hello I am Abhishek I am a Gadget Freak Person
and likes to do modding of gadgets .I have made this mod as i am thinking from a long time to do .
Rom all the inspirations and thoughts that i have got i made my "CPU-X" Mod.I have a Core 2 Quad with 4 GB of RAM and a 640 GB of WD hardisk.

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Rating: 1.04 - Votes: 94

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Rusty cage13.08.2009 09:40
nice one dude..... neatly assembeled!

deck-treck12.10.2008 12:39
the front of the PC looks genuinly only crazy and that is still nicely expressed…

die Front vom PC sieht echt nur bescheuert aus und das ist noch nett ausgedrückt...

Zalmann12.10.2008 02:17
Premod POS