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Added: 10.11.2008
Full Case
Owner: s3btiger
Country: United Kingdom

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This a mod that I made for a competition a while back. The company was offering cost price cases for the comp so that really allowed me to pull the stops out.

I decided to try every mod idea I had in my head at the time. I really wanted to inculde a plasma ball so that got in there. I also fancied completly cutting the case in half, and since I am parshal to flame I incorparated them together.

I had to rush the project to get it done betweeen my exams and heading off to Austrailia the net week. So I only had a week to do it in. I think it came out well and cost little over 50 pounds to make still not well enough to win mind.

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Rating: 1.95 - Votes: 93

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billyd03.03.2010 14:50
very good for a rush job,looks great,spot on keep up the good work.

Johnny B12.11.2008 02:41
Cool, thats all can be said ;-).Please Continue i want to see more of your modes