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Added: 19.01.2009
Full Case
Owner: Palua
Country: Ukraine

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The case has created as a gift for a birthday to my best friend.
For base of case it had an idea to make computer case like a motorbike. The idea has spied on a one of themes sites. As a base I have taken a serial case Codegen. The frame has made from aluminum corners and steel pipe. In the case were used details from real motorbikes “Java” and “Dnepr”. Among them: fuel tank, running board and lights. Running board and lights has restorated. In the case has installed 2 power supplies: the first one – for power of computer, the second – for lightning. Tailpipe has built-in the one of power supplies. In tailpipe has installed lightning. In fuel tank has built-in ignition-lock from the side and voltmeter on top, which has stylized as speedometer. Also voltmeter has built-in a reset button. On top of the case has installed a sit from bicycle. For a user comfort the HDD-basket has turned on 180º and hang up by rookie loops. For user comfort on a basket has installed handle. For a lightning of computer things has installed a cold catod.

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Blade21.07.2010 19:25
Very nice, that is very original! Impressive. I'm trying to make a PC that looks like a Car.

Palua29.01.2009 23:35
Small video