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Added: 08.03.2009
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Owner: ArgOs
Country: Argentina

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My name is Bond, James Bond ... undoubtedly one of the famous phrases in the history of cinema and one of the characters that most films made, through the various actors who performed their role. Searching the web did not find a mod that pays tribute to this character which has already taken 22 movies.
Of course it should have some essential gadget in this case be a false front that appears to be a cap to enter the code to access and scan the left eye for identification. Once there, readers will see two of them is false and serves as a tray containing P99 gun used by Bond, but the defense is never enough in the back of the cabinet will see several screws shaped ball cap, but one of them contains a surprise, since the removal of pulling a knife, ready to launch our enemy.

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goldfinger22.08.2010 21:46
this is an ugly case to be honest