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Added: 06.06.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: PVK Cryo
Country: USA

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Well, after I saw the project cryo I decided to try it on my own, but instead of adding a random lego, I wanted a theme to it. So I thought about it and decided what better then to put a character from my favoirte halflife mod "Pirates Viking and Knights" (PVK). So I looked everywhere and finally found a suitable lego pirate.

This was my first ever attempt to mod anything, so it went a little rough. First off, I tried to heat the plexiglass with a flame, this didn't work so well as it left black spots on my glass. I decided to use an oven instead which worked much better. I had never used a dremel before so the window came out a little rough, but it could have been worse.

My biggest problem however was the LED. I went out and bought a 5$ LED to hook up to my mouse, wihtout knowing I needed a resistor. I hooked up the LED (without soldering) to my mouse only to have it explode a few seconds later. Then I decided hmm, I need a resistor. So I had my resistor and another 5$ led and decided I would attempt to solder it to the PS2 wire. This didn't go so well, at one point I acidently soldered the +, -, and ground wire all together. This was bad, I finally was able to solder the circuit together but didn't think about LED positioning. While trying to rearrange the LED I accidently snapped off the soldeirng and had to spend another 20 mins soldering it back together. Finally I was able to position the LED near the back right corner causing a decent effect.

Admin's comments/notes:
Not bad for a first mod! Great that you decided to finish the mod despite of those mishaps. :)

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Rating: 3.25 - Votes: 12

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JoKeR12.12.2003 14:43
Really good job

VeGe-08.10.2003 13:20
Nice job!