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Added: 24.06.2003
Other hardware/devices
Owner: -=[Schakal]=-
Country: Germany

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My Casio PC-MOD ;)

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Rating: 3.15 - Votes: 33

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Nachtwandler04.11.2006 20:39
But how do you do it with that glue on the on the other side of the film? And how do you fix everything together, after you ripped off the sheet?

Fowl11.05.2006 15:56
I flip my canon cheap calculators polarizing lens.. but its not working, it works only when its rotated 90 degrees

2226-drug-alcohol-re16.11.2005 20:29
It's so nice to see that the discussion goes on :)

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ameepa29.04.2005 19:13
That is awsome. I want calculator like this to :P

*anonymous*15.10.2004 20:45
well if there is a way to do it with a funny glass display please tell me

*anonymous*24.09.2004 17:31

*anonymous*24.09.2004 17:31
I just can't figure out that plarizing sheet thingy :P

Sciatic23.06.2004 18:03

Mr. Muffin07.06.2004 04:57
i want to no to email:

LiZarD24.02.2004 12:47
Truly amazing.. NOT!

DJ.ENIS12.02.2004 16:10
OPEN ur Calculator...
Switch the polarizing sheet...
close the calculator...

sweet02.12.2003 04:15
dude can u email me at and tell me a better expaination how to do that

SadiaV12.11.2003 20:20
could you plyz write to me ( how to do that.

alt25504.10.2003 00:40
open the calc, take out the thin polarizing sheet over the lcd flip it over front to back and put the thing back together, reverses the display colors quick and easy, and can be done to most lcd equiptment, I used to do this to all my wrist watches in junior high, I was a wierd kid.

Eclypse03.10.2003 17:11
How did you made the LCD change into black???

Eden07.09.2003 18:09
haha ive got an exactly the same... how to do that?