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Added: 28.06.2003
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Securemate ala Vogon
Country: Canada

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(The pictures are "before" and "after")

I wanted to reduce the size of my Sandisk Securemate SD-card reader so I could use it like a thumbnail drive - get rid of the bulky cables, etc. So I hacked it open and moved the circuit board into a "case" of my own making - i.e. sandwiching it between 2 pieces of perfboard, wrapping it in copper foil, and soldering the whole thing together.

The product was singularly ugly. But it still works fine, and it's roughly what I wanted, so I'm happy.

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Rating: 1.38 - Votes: 21

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F_L14.06.2007 12:57
Very ugly, looks like it's been flatten by a dump truck.

_tv_01.10.2004 14:38
Very ugly >:|.

Bugi01.10.2004 14:02
It was better before

Xtreme98419.08.2004 11:52
what whackkk said

whackkk25.01.2004 00:11
That looks like shit

dazang03.01.2004 02:00
Duct Tape= Solution to your leprosy ;o)

[]_[]83|^ monkey17.12.2003 03:13
Did your soldering iron have a little tummy ache, hmm?

Jukka20.11.2003 15:34
Mount that in your joystick or monitor like they had diskdrives on MACintosh SE's :)

*anonymous*05.11.2003 08:29
dear lord

hey23.10.2003 21:57
Intergrate it into your keyboard. Nt enoug room in the mouse.

rikki15.09.2003 02:51
insert it into your mouse. That'll save room and make your mouse look cool! Do it!

flewdefur08.09.2003 06:14
perhaps you should try some aluminum ducting tape for a clean, smooth outer coating.