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Added: 08.07.2003
Game Consoles
Owner: eminelly2002
Country: USA

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I got board with my ps2 so i decided to mod it. I put one 12v clear fan with 4 blue led's mounted in the fan. On the front I put one blue led that's powered by the 5v usb power supply.

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Rating: 3.35 - Votes: 34

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PAI PAi10.06.2006 22:20
Can you put a diagram of how you did it

No13.07.2005 00:17
I guess it's down, oh well. Really nice mod, although I don't know shit about mods.

No13.07.2005 00:16
^ *Stupid. You damn Iraqi.

nordunit23.03.2005 13:42
nice man realy nice

Aber13.01.2005 17:24
I am wondering where you have mounted the fan onto, what power connector?
Could you mail it to aber at aber dot nl please?

J-Dub27.12.2004 23:05
what wire did you hook your leds up to?

Scott28.06.2004 03:40
Different model PS2's are made differently. You probably had one that the heatsinks (metal) takes up that part of the case, mine is like that too. Older versions did not have this.

GDP19.04.2004 08:16
Cheater i see that game shark

Switch08.04.2004 00:04
I just opened my ps2... how did that fit??

Entteri22.03.2004 23:18
That's pretty cool mod. Whi not putting a window on it? :)

MikeyX22.02.2004 09:22
I love it!

Nevah02.02.2004 15:09
syupid americans !