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Added: 18.07.2003
Game Consoles
Owner: poonpilot
Country: Canada

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the ps2 skin is from & the xbox skin is from the vinyl skin it doesnt void your warrenty. the xbox also has an autofan connected for extra cooling

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Rating: 3.27 - Votes: 37

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DGK16.04.2007 06:45
yo SickSkater6911 are u a skatebnoarder or blader?

DGK16.04.2007 06:43
hello every one im just wondering how to mod my ps2 and what can i do if it is modded? can any one helo

AdO12.05.2005 22:49
cool ps2, thought of making something like it myself. 5/5

lich16.12.2004 03:30
own3d but nice ps2 3/4

Solidcell05.09.2004 00:55
It's a damn skin! not a mod! You can't just slap stickers on your stuff and expect to get respect. Your 'mod' is missing: time, commitment, originality, difficulty and effort. Next time you mod something.... mod it.

Dj Slow21.05.2004 15:55
Nice PS how long it taked to paint it?? And ur XBOX sucks!

me28.03.2004 02:32
i guess he posted it cuz maybe he thought of the fan as a mod? i dunno

meh13.03.2004 07:56
WTF?! it's not even a mod!

Junkyard dog31.01.2004 22:30
If you didn't make it why post it??

Aniyn28.12.2003 00:10
How is this a Mod? You did nothing.

geforce05.12.2003 06:03
never mind on the fan thing

geforce05.12.2003 05:36
Where did you get the autofan really important please reply

geforce05.12.2003 05:32
Where did you get the xbox skin it's not at

SickSkater691112.11.2003 06:30
U DIDNT MOD NETHING....u bought a sticker and put it on ur ps2 and x-box....hardly a mod...but VERY NICE

Foranamo13.09.2003 00:41
that's fuckin beautiful, I don't even like consoles, but that is great

zsears12.09.2003 02:08
You people dont you read there skins

Deffa08.09.2003 13:13
cool x-box

its the fan02.09.2003 03:02

misanthropist28.08.2003 11:14
WOW nice paint jobs and by the way what is the extention on the side of the xbox