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Added: 21.07.2003
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Owner: moder
Country: Finland

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hyödynsin glow-pad ideaa kahdella pleksillä kellossa.

Admin's comments/notes:
Clock embedded to etched plexi in Glowpad fashion. Hehe, and I was planning the same mod few days ago. :)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 120

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F_L14.06.2007 12:51
Nice...Piece of art.

Fuzz06.07.2006 07:38
What kind of Dremel tip did you use? Etching?

rainbow714.03.2006 03:03
I didnt build the mod but I would have thought 2 sheets of perspex was used , with one to each colour ...just a guess so correct me if im wrong cos theres quite a few people wondering just how you got that mod workin ...

j18714.03.2006 02:50
we all know how the number part glows but how did you make them glow DIFFERENT COLOURS? pure class.

quotable29.12.2005 17:15
tää on nätti :P osaisinpa tehä yhtä hienoja

jesse25.07.2005 16:20
Todella hieno, yritän ittekki tehä tänään samanlaisen...

thuglife29.03.2005 08:05
thats fkin nice

ilkka07.02.2005 22:00
Tosi hienosti tehty modi!!! 5/5

jZ07.08.2004 00:08
A word of advice for you obsessed, visit the modding section. And what comes to the actual piece - I like it very much. It looks nice and has a function aswell. 5/5

JaKe06.08.2004 19:07
very nice!!!

zarbon78921.07.2004 07:09
sweeeeeeeeet 5/5

obsessed30.12.2003 19:49
it thought i saw some instructions here on mertku how to do this.. where can i find them?

sorestgore25.11.2003 01:03
glass can be etched, SANDPAPER:]

cesped15.11.2003 07:02 does the numbers glow...?

Epeli25.10.2003 21:41
nätti kello!! mul on tollanen mutta siinä on kromi kehykset ja vihreät ja punaset ledit =) kyllähän siitä ajan näkee ;)

:O23.10.2003 07:40
how did u make the "numbers part glow" did u drill it or what?!?

JAHDI08.10.2003 09:26
Joo ihan näpsäkkä kello.
Toi lila ja sininen sopii ja tuo vähän vaihteluu tähän hommaan.

NoName22.09.2003 02:19

Peng29.08.2003 20:52
Something diffrent! I like it!, very nice! It's hard to come up with something to mod, but you have done it good!

tomippa27.08.2003 14:09
Ihan nätisti tehty kello. Varmaan itsekin pitäisi kyhätä tuollainen.