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Added: 29.07.2003
Owner: poro
Country: Finland
WWW: http://-

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Keyboard light. I used blue 30cm cold cathode light and it fit perfectly in my keyboard! Very easy and fun mod

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Rating: 3.29 - Votes: 24

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tabsa21.01.2005 13:35
voitko lähettää mulle tarkat ohjeet kuvien kera osoitteeseen

The O10.07.2004 21:24
Looks fab. A couple LED's on the bottom might look snazzy

Anyone05.04.2004 03:10
How would you power the bulb?

Junkyard dog31.01.2004 22:39
That's nice man great mod!!

no_one13.11.2003 06:53
i likey, nice job, looks clean, not too bright, nor too dim! i would like to do something like that but im too lazy :D lol. nice thow

Voimasielu11.09.2003 22:43
Ei välttämättä kannattaisi kylmäkatodia tunkea noin pieneen tilaan..

poro07.09.2003 20:38
I used basic electric cable and I put it in a molex, what comes outside my case.

Jinxter wanna be07.09.2003 05:57
i'm with him...

Jinxter27.08.2003 21:46
Where did u get power to cathodetube? Is there 12V inside keyboard?