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Added: 31.07.2003
Owner: Woops
Country: Slovenia

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This is my keybord moded with 3 blue LED diods and 4 red LED diodes and my modded mouse vith blue LED diode.

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 15

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Veggie13.01.2005 02:11
Uhh, get a volt meter, find a place where there is enough voltage inside the keyboard to power some leds, and you are off and running. It would be better to put it in parallel so you have more current draw than voltage draw so that you dont deprive anything else of power. just make sure you dont put too many leds in there because you then run the risk of drawing too much current from the ps/2 (although unlikely because LEDs on average draw about 20 mA of amperage) Also, make sure that you arent tapping straight off of anything more than 3.5 volts, if you do you run the risk of frying your LED.

t-hawk22.03.2004 03:50
yea, i wanan know too, WHAT MAKE/MODEL is this keyboard? looks so sick

metal_slug22.03.2004 03:49
you power them from the original cable from keyboard or mouse.

Helium28.12.2003 03:10
SWEET MOUSE, dont like the keyboard though. was the puple part intntional?

[]_[]83|^ monkey17.12.2003 02:43
It's so...beautiful. Nice set.

Scifi17.10.2003 23:58
i have my kb connected to os2 port and i got power from those wires wich r going inside the kb (was red and yello ON MY KB) so just take a led and see where it gives some light (=

Raizan15.10.2003 22:27
euhm, Dasupalouie, you don't need to power it from an USB port, you can attach it directly to the power inside the keyboard

hmboy07.10.2003 19:23
what keyboard make/model is this?

Cleaver01.10.2003 13:24
YEARH! How!? :D

Brokoli27.09.2003 02:12
Good job Whoops
we want more!!

Dasupalouie10.09.2003 17:47
e^(i*pi)+1, use an external 9 volt or something or use a USB port for the keyboard, the mouse can support 2 leds i think, so no needed extra power there

wtf is that button set of buttons on the keyboard? it looks sweet

e^(i*pi)+107.09.2003 05:59