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Added: 02.08.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: Gigamike
Country: Germany

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Here you can see my latest project. It was finished a week ago and I worked 3 days for it.
It is a very useful thing and I call it "PC-Input-Output-Manager" (PCIO).

I've made it of a 5,25''-Plastic-Screen and some devices fixed with hot glue in it.

It supports 2*Line-Out, Mic-In, Line-In, 2*USB, 6*Card Reader (Compact Flash, Microdrive, Smart Media, Multi Media, Secure Digital and Memory Stick), S-Video-In & F-BAS-In, Serial Port and Gameport.

It prevents me from now on from crouching behind my PC.

For more pics see

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.23 - Votes: 30

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*anonymous*15.02.2006 23:44
Geh....if this is what you say about him, remind me to never post a pic of myself with one of my mods.

That mod rocks man.

*anonymous*24.10.2005 05:01
he needs a negroplasty

Scott1427714.08.2004 22:17
Will you guys shut up about him. The mod is awsome, and it blends in nicely with the rest of your case. 5pts.

|-|ard//ired09.06.2004 13:33
I second SprayMaphia

modcop15.03.2004 18:30
ok, the mod is really nice, honestly. But the head has to go.

SprayMaphia02.03.2004 00:39
You are all so fucking lame. I hate pesky people. Why don't you look at the mod instead of him if he is so god damn ugly? maybe you are gay?

modcop26.02.2004 09:08
dam homey, your face ruins the whole mod, you look like you need pointy ears and you could be in a star trek movie. Why dont you paint a ha
ndle on the side of your head and flush yourself!

Misiaczek24.02.2004 06:48
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MISIU AJAK24.02.2004 06:45
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you be UGLY!!!!!!

Junkyard dog31.01.2004 22:34
Very nice mod but you're an ugly SOB

lol31.01.2004 22:06
Damn u are ugly !

sean016.01.2004 03:13
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haxx0r15.01.2004 13:14
That better be able to have plastic surgery nput cause you look like NIGGA.

modcop10.01.2004 07:47
beauty and the beast

LOL27.08.2003 14:07
LOL!! Ugly! xD