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Added: 03.08.2003
Full Case
Owner: LightWolf II
Country: Canada

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Just the look

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Rating: 3.24 - Votes: 25

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ddh29.08.2006 04:23
Anyone can do this. Go to the auto store and buy a sticker. Cut it up, slap it on, "mod" done.

Wolf_modius18.07.2006 20:59
OMG!!! I want that case!! lol wicked job!! 5/5

modder07.03.2005 09:52
Vice paintjoc in front panel

smooth21.06.2004 07:49
that is a fuccin sticker

Crash00718.02.2004 19:52
I must admit the paint job is tight, only question is what happens when a drive goes bad or you just exchange for a better one, have to repaint all or what, seems to me to be a headache in the future.

Thildemar11.11.2003 21:48
love the brushwork only improvements i can see if it would look better on a black case or at least a solid color one (bays and case dont match + Evil beige) also blue and beige looks odd to would seem to make this thing awesome. Really do love to art though wish I could do it.

sevron41516.10.2003 08:16
woah! tight! how did you get that airbrushed like that... was it spendy? and did you do it yourself? if so i worship you ^^, tizzight art u got..