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Added: 04.08.2003
Full Case
Owner: ukmunkyman
Country: United Kingdom

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this is my baby, it took me 5 months to save up 4 and build (i cant save up for that long so i bought every part as and when i could). the case has a side window which is unique to this specific make of case (verre v770). all the lighting is from the fans in the case which all have LED'S (2 case fans, cpu fan and herc 9800pro fan), i also invested in a biohazard window etch and biohazard grill 4 the cpu, which i think makes the case look very smart.

the specs 4 ma beast-
amd athlon 2500xp
hercules 9800pro baby!
770mb ddr pc2700 ram
80gb wd 8mb hard disc
microsoft explorer wireless mouse
19" screen to view the games and shit
audigy sound card + 5.1 speakers
ASUS a7v8x-x motherboard

its the only entertainment system ill ever need lol
ps sorry i couldnt put and pics of it in the dark, piece of shyt camera doesnt take good pics in the dark :(

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b00b28.11.2003 07:49

ukmunkyman21.10.2003 00:27
aye, wat u see there is a work in progress, ive now stealthed the drives and put a bezel over that ugly floppy drive. ive also installed 2 RGB led's on the bottom unused cd bay. also fitted a fan controller in the spare floppy bay and uve got a RGB bubble effect light comin soon, if i get time ill post pics of the machine soon. hav u hooked up the front usb connectors? i tried but failed :s

AlphaTrooper27.09.2003 08:43
I have the exact same case without a window, which I am planning on modding eventually, but the first thing I did was stealth my ugly CD rom. So many poeple who mod their system don't do this, it's so easy, and it makes it look so much better.

I was so simple, just use some padded double-sided tape and tape the metal and plexiglass pieces to the front of the cd drive. I also used a glue gun to attach the metal knobs in place. It's extremly cheap to do and makes the front of the case flow ALOT better.