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Added: 08.08.2003
Full Case
Owner: Larry Barker
Country: USA

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4 inch LCD inbedded into 2 bays hooks into the S-video plug in my graphics card while the monitor plugs in normally modded all CD rom LEDs to blue to match computer theme and made power LEDs blue also

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Rating: 3.3 - Votes: 20

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Mike30.08.2004 01:12
Very, very, very unique indeed. Great idea, but you can't really do much on a small LCD. :)

WOOTZORZ20.12.2003 04:00
That is an extremly nice idea, u should put in a bigger screen on the side though, i dont know how u would open the case though...

An@rchy15.09.2003 10:45
Or pr0n...

An@rchy15.09.2003 10:45

Dethheat12.09.2003 11:52
He could get Winamp on that little screen. It could toggle with a button pretty easily.

dustmite500004.09.2003 15:05
That's not the point Huru! The screen is 100% looks. (Cool case bdw)

Huru31.08.2003 16:46
Who want`s to have a 4 inch screen? can u even see anythin from it?

BEan28.08.2003 07:02
Where did he get that 4 inch lcd