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Added: 11.08.2003
Game Consoles
Owner: XtuRmN8r
Country: USA

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here is my modded xbox, the second one is blurry because my camera doesn't take good dark shots, but you couldn't see the lights in the flash shot.

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Rating: 3.35 - Votes: 20

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XtuRmN8r11.02.2005 08:33
Haha, yeah, I have software mods up the wazoo.. a mod chip makes the Xbox so much more versatile, becoming all the classic consoles, and a media center. I love how people react to the Xbox when it's playing streamed movies, or playing Mario Brothers old school style.

genmaxpro14.01.2005 23:33
Great mod, looks great in all aspects(you should do some software modding on it also). X-box lovers unite!


XtuRmN8r23.04.2004 05:14
I will have to direct you to and go nuts :-)

Narkiisi02.03.2004 13:42
That's pretty nice i have to say.
PS2 Hatecrew!!!

*anonymous*28.02.2004 22:27
u guys are asking for spam

AliasNeo08.12.2003 01:46
hey can you please email me on how to make the front LED go blue, ive been searching all over for that. my email is

JAHDI08.10.2003 09:21
Pretty nice leds on that!
I have my old and green x-box.
But never know if i get to work whit some blue leds and paints and of course my little green box console.

BLAH BLAH26.09.2003 00:03
hey Email me how to do the gems that ownz my sn is

Hapero20.09.2003 22:10
COOL! Could you email to me also!?

Zuljin20.09.2003 11:25
Please Email me too! Great work.

Razorius05.09.2003 17:44
oh! my address:

Razorius05.09.2003 17:43
yup email me too how to do those leds in the gem

fafmlg2402.09.2003 02:09
Please E-mail me how to light the gem!

malcs29.08.2003 15:41
not sure about the blue sides but i love that gem!!

cool dude29.08.2003 03:36
hehe must nicer :D

Gau28.08.2003 15:41
Yes, me too!

dorkified28.08.2003 11:06
TIGHT!!! email me how to do it at