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Added: 13.08.2003
Single case mods
Owner: ukmunkyman
Country: United Kingdom

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ukmunkyman is back, and ive been busy
i was lookin at ma case and decided that the front of it was letting the side down, so i stealthed the cd and dvd drive and added a few head lights lol. i put 2 RGB flashing leds in an empty drive bay, its a simple but effective modd and i also put a couple of extreamly bright blue LED'S on the bottom of the front and, as u can see from the pics, r very bright and i cannot look drictly at them for more than 5 seconds without hurting my eyes lol. i dont think theyre supposed to b that bright, i did put more blue 1's on but they didnt work on the same voltage at the RGB so i doubled it and...they blew up. but i think the blue 1's r still with me cos theyre infront of 2 bloody great 80mm case betting they'll last 1 week. still it looks cool, that all the counts

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Rating: 2.6 - Votes: 5

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ukmunkyman08.09.2003 17:43
p.s it only lasted 5 days :(