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Added: 25.08.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: Max
Country: Finland

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Turn your original intel -cooler into a waterblock.
Water channel makes "S" -turn inside to make optimum
cooling... ;-)

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Rating: 3.33 - Votes: 27

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Bugi17.04.2004 20:00
5 points!!!!!

Neste07.02.2004 19:14
;) Very nice...

JTS15.12.2003 04:36
Put an LED(s) in it-It would lite up nice for an awsome one of a kind waterblock.

Max10.12.2003 08:35
They are there, of course. Fins are removed only from the edge. I carved water channels into acryl, so water goes through fins making "S" from hose connector to the other.

Gus09.12.2003 11:03
you could have inproved the cooling properties but leaving the fins on the cooler as well.

Shwang02.12.2003 04:14
Even though it is aluminum it should still be good. The properties of copper allow it to transfer heat into it faster, but it takes longer to release, where as alu takes more to tranfer heat to it (slower), but releases it's heat faster, so their is no reason why he shouldn't make it out of alu.

Good Idea btw.

Ronwell Dobbage14.11.2003 20:51
seems silly to make a waterblock out of alluminum..

Zorm26.09.2003 21:26
FANTASTIC!!!! really cool!!!

ExuZ31.08.2003 14:24
make it look like a real ice cube, by puing a smal, not to brigth white led in it,, i would be realy cool

Max28.08.2003 07:27
No, I prefer "icecube" -look.
Maybe, just maybe, I'll put a led to light up the cooler...
I'm not a big fan of leds and lights ;-)

Mike28.08.2003 07:24
Do you plan to polish the sides till they are clear?

Max27.08.2003 19:19
It fits perfectly on the original Intel holder.
No extra screws or springs required... ;-)

Tecco27.08.2003 18:18
Super Nice! But how do u lock it on the cpu?!?