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Added: 29.08.2003
Single case mods
Owner: Proileri
Country: Finland

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'His Blackness'-mod, based on Aopen H340 mATX case. Chaintech 7NIF2 with Athlon 2200+ etc inside. This is the first stage, some lights behind the front mask and perhaps a small case window will be added - given the 200w mPSU the lighting will be LEDs but still. Also displayed the work done on CD front plate, some rounding and painting made this bulk Sony drive look nice.

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Rating: 3.12 - Votes: 16

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no22.01.2004 13:08
man! this is the coolest thing ever!

JoE28.09.2003 23:37
cool dude, howd you do that?

ShaolinMaster05.09.2003 16:39
helvetin tyylikäs :D.

Proileri31.08.2003 18:28
The entire face of the case was repainted, as was the CD-ROM face(CD wheel is to be done). No chrome on the mask, what looks like chrome is reflected light. The case- and cd-buttons were refinished quickly, just with two thin layers of black, one layer of clear and another layer of black but the result was quite nice. On the other parts, it's couple layers of primer, then three layers of paint (each layer is made of several thin layers, some sanding in between) and after that clear coat and finish with some rubbing compound and wax-based car polish - I'm not sure how the paint will 'cure' with the wax-based stuff so I'd recommend you try to find polish with no wax, or wait for a month before polishing. Also what you can't see here is the pwr/hdd LEDs which were swapped to red and orange.

gibonator30.08.2003 17:17
ooo, shiney :D, how u do that then?

scream30.08.2003 12:19
afigenna vyglanda ten cd rom ;]

Me30.08.2003 10:03
Looks like a single mod and not a case mod to me. Painted CD TOM face plate is all I see there.

Mikki29.08.2003 21:17
What did you do for the cd-drive? That looks quite cool but what is that chrome looking thing in it :)

Kazara Jigor29.08.2003 18:39
Its nice, but i hate black. Pink please.