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Added: 30.08.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Dowmace
Country: USA

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This is my painted mx4600 from memorex I hope you all like it

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Rating: 1.88 - Votes: 16

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---20.12.2006 16:54
gadverdamme is horrible bah bah bah the colour man is back with a mouse with a look of the crunch

kilpikon324.03.2004 17:27
err.. the colors suck big time :D

OKJEFF421.02.2004 07:03
Horribly ugly. Why are there holes? Are they for speed?
Maybe this could beat a Camaro because of the paint! Another ricer mouse.

dazang03.01.2004 01:48
That is the craziest mod I have ever seen. For ages 18months and up ?

[]_[]83|^ monkey17.12.2003 02:24

dowmace21.11.2003 05:45
it is a memorex mx4600 optical and the color choice was made because it was totally different

FezDemon31.08.2003 13:18
The color choice makes me cry, but it's a nice idea

Azsaz31.08.2003 10:46
men, that's more ugly than my grandmother

Ladikusz30.08.2003 21:22
That's nice. This is a microsoft mouse?

hacnslash30.08.2003 19:07
i guess the painting is all right, from a technique standpoint, but the color will make any interior decorator cringe and start to cry

Deadi30.08.2003 12:31
I dont know about you guys, but i dont like this kind of painting.