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Added: 30.08.2003
Full Case
Owner: drinn
Country: Finland

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My case mod continues.
I bought today from my friend a green cold cathode and its now better.. (?) Also I put away the red glowstring, because its awful in the front panel. :) I have a place where I put it next time.

More pictures:
And more modding next weekend & also pictures.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 2.33 - Votes: 6

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AliaS02.05.2004 18:46
this pic is gut man
i like it i like it
but the front lookes awful:P

vepe10.09.2003 19:27
lol b00n

drinn01.09.2003 20:14
Glowstringin otin edestä kokonaan pois ja uusi paikka tiedossa.

I put away the glowstring on the front panel and new place is invented. (Sorry my bad English ;)

Sakset31.08.2003 19:06
Kauhee koppa... vain värisokeille ihmisille :( hyvä yritys kuitenkin

KlaZaA31.08.2003 12:51
Perk***, Glowstringi jotenki nyt suoraks!!! käytä vaikka sinitarraa

aziz31.08.2003 12:00
lait se valokaapeli suoraan nii tulee hienompi

Azsaz31.08.2003 10:48
Very nice dude, but indeed, the glowstrings has to move.