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Added: 31.08.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Qballcious
Country: Canada

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My beige Micro$oft Optical Wheel Mouse didn't look right standing next to my aluminum case. So I decided to make it match. My case (LianLi PC60) is made of brushed aluminum, carbon fibre/black plastic.

I painted the mouse buttons black. Then I covered the body of the mouse with carbon fibre looking plastic and the chasis with brushed aluminum looking plastic. The plastic covering is self adhesive and is designed for automotive interior modifications.

The end result matched my Case perfectly. I hope you like it.

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Rating: 3.32 - Votes: 37

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JeI19.02.2004 09:54
Thats very cool mod.

Demonizzer19.11.2003 09:40
thats a sweet ass mod bro.

Qballcious13.11.2003 00:13
I wanted to do it that way too. But unfortunately the brushed aluminum covering doesn't stretch a single millimeter before tearing. Whereas the carbon fibre stuff stretches almost infinately. And that was basically the deciding factor. bottom flat, top round.

supertoad09.11.2003 03:34
i would have reversed it--used the carbod fibre on the bottom bit and the brushed aluminum on the main body

~mike~23.09.2003 06:52
I really like the way that looks.

Qballcious10.09.2003 02:14
I had it lying around so i used it. Wasn't really shopping. But yeah. It doesn't exactly look real. But then again neither does the stuff that came with the case. So it matches.

f4lc0r08.09.2003 08:18
it might just be the picture but that carbon fiber texture looks kinda wonky close up, there might be some better ones if you look around more

Qballcious02.09.2003 00:16
After reading some mouse mods I am thinking of adding some cooling. That's a really cool idea. (No pun intended.)

N501.09.2003 02:48
that is one smooth mouse.