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Added: 12.09.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: fuzqo
Country: USA

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Mouse Mod. Typical gloss black/blue lights scheme. I made it so that you can place an mini applique on the center of window. (not shown in picture...sorry). Equipped with 5 leds. The satisfying part in mouse modding is having a mouse that functions when it's all done, no matter how crappy it is (although, i think i did a fairly neat job this time).
More pics at:

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 129

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HandsomeDan12.04.2006 02:02
Mad props for such a nice looking final product. Excellent work. I noticed right away that it looks like you have an intellimouse there; how did you change the clear plastic on the back to blue? I have wanted to do mine blue, but can't figure this out. 5/5 for a thorough, clean looking mod.

Piikki29.05.2005 18:55
this is very cool.. i like.. :P

*anonymous*11.03.2005 04:03
That is a kickass mod man...where'd you get that glossy paint?

3206.01.2005 00:50
Shiny paint - thats really kicks ass.Finest mouse i've seen here.

relly nice13.12.2004 10:38
really nice mouse toy have there!
email me and send more pictures

( . )Y( . )07.12.2004 03:29
Wow thats really cool i wish i had the skills to make something like that

jussi288826.07.2004 10:40
nice man.. that looks really choool ;D 5/5

zarbon78925.07.2004 00:34
best i've seen in a while


Bugi02.07.2004 19:57

cioara00702.04.2004 14:02
Well done, i like it and i will try something after this model. I give you a 5

kilpikon324.03.2004 17:27
ow, that's what i call stylish.

sephiroth21304.03.2004 08:38
i would like to have one of them

Yamiyanazz07.01.2004 02:59
now THAT is effing awesome! Best mod on a mouse I've EVAR seen.

[]_[]83|^ monkey17.12.2003 02:18
Without a doubt, the best mouse mod(s) that I have seen.

Scienide28.11.2003 14:21

gon08.11.2003 15:08
The best

3dOm25.09.2003 11:56
Great job!Your mouse looks very cool!:-)

NaNoXT22.09.2003 08:28
Damn you've made a great looking mod!!!
That's professional handmark!!

L3319.09.2003 17:55
Nice Job :D :D :D

da3bal15.09.2003 00:05
lookalike 69

Bobd31414.09.2003 01:39
Where you get enough power to power 5 led's? I know 5v goes through USB so.........

hacnslash13.09.2003 00:53
dude that is the SHIZ-NIT man!! that is one of the best mouse mods i have ever seen.

Falkra12.09.2003 21:42
Wow, very nice job, the shape looks real great ! but how can you give enough power to 5 leds ??? Anyway, really nice work.

Gigamike12.09.2003 20:38
damn, this is the wright category but i didnt notice that i had opened the "all"-section ;)

Gigamike12.09.2003 17:54
um maybe "single mods" is the wrong category for a mod like this?

Nado12.09.2003 11:01
yea, but 5 LEDs in 1 fuc*** mouse? too much, i think... 1 or 2 would have been enough

Neme^12.09.2003 09:29
Looks gr8! o/