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Added: 12.09.2003
Game Consoles
Owner: Wodarski
Country: USA

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I was taking apart some old case fans that had LEDs in them. I was using the fans in another mod and had to paint them and the LEDs got in the way. I didn't have much expirance but I had about 8 different LEDs. So it didn't matter if I tore though a few of them learning the voltage. Fortunately this one I had was a 5v LED. and since the xbox works off of USB (5v) it wasn't too hard finding a spot to make it work. I replaced the Xbox logo with my logo (a purple BMW symbol) because my initals are BMW. I wired the led to the Ports at the top of the controller where my xbox live and memory card go. Unfortunatly I couldn't plug the xbox live to the front port because silly me now that port doesn't have enough power to run anything on that top port. so I took my dremel tool and sanded down the sides of my xbox headset thing so it would fit in to the back port. and YEY it worked. Before when I would mod things I would go out and buy premodded parts. This is one of my first DIY mods and I'm quite please with the results. I was going to put a lego guy in there but decided to personalize it more to me. E-mail me and tell me what you think

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Rating: 2.63 - Votes: 19

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sssasas23.03.2004 00:19
how do you get the jewel off the easierst

kes23.09.2003 10:29
my controller is painted and im going to fit lights under the jewel(but i got picture of nux replacing the x)Why havenĀ“t you painted your controller?????

Wodarski15.09.2003 11:12
ah. well granted I from time to time use mozilla. most peeps I know use IE. I know it's M$ and that's pretty much the devil. oxy moron since this is my xbox mod. hmmm well my other xbox runs linux if that makes it anybetter. I use it as a little web/game server.

2tired2care14.09.2003 01:56
Just wanted to point out that using a .txt ending for a .jpg file will not work in any standards compliant browser (that is basically all browsers but IE)

bobd31414.09.2003 01:42
Shoulda etched the x box logo into the plexi or what ever it is, and some green led's. That would be nice

Wodarski14.09.2003 01:19
I did have green LEDs but my next project is to do basicly the same thing to my Xbox and add in blue leds. One of my friends got me this awesome bawls sticker for my xbox and it will look cool with some blue lights here's a pic of the sticker
I know it's .txt when it's a .jpg it's so I can use that for storage space and remote link with out them flippin out

YoNzZu13.09.2003 21:19
Looks quite nice.. But I wouldn't change that Xbox-logo.. I like it too much =)

Didn't you have any green leds? I think green fits better in Xboxs colours. :)