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Added: 20.09.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: GaintSura
Country: USA

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Well I got bored oneday and had some blue leds (originally) and some resistors layin around. I saw my drives sittin there and noticed it was really the only thing I havent modded. A few holes and wires later out came this. as far as I know I havent seen anything similar. Depending on what people think maybe it will become a metku mod tutorial eventuall >=D

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Rating: 2.5 - Votes: 6

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ME13.03.2004 07:34
has anyone told u yet that ur cam is a bit sucky? I can't even really tell what it is you are doing

Ouzooo!22.09.2003 22:38
has anyone told u yet that ur cam is a bit sucky?

GaintSura22.09.2003 03:34
you could make one, would be quite a bit of work tho. I think it would be well worth the work.

N522.09.2003 03:10
not bad, too bad they don't make clear cdrom trays, that'd rock

GaintSura21.09.2003 20:04
FFS people, I told you my cam sucks now stfu about it.

Neme^21.09.2003 13:11
One should really see anything out of those pics? Get a better cam.

GaintSura21.09.2003 10:08
yea neeja, but this is different.. 1) I dont have a window and 2) The leds were set inside the window modded ones, not drilled into the back like mine.

OK21.09.2003 07:53

neeja21.09.2003 05:53
i've seen this done once or twice before...a while ago some guy replaced the top of his cdrom drive with a window. (mod fathers i think did it) and he put an led in there. Also u can do this to a hard drive if ur very careful

GaintSura20.09.2003 23:40
my cam sucks I know.. the first pic is a shot of one of the leds from the back of the cd drive through my window. and the second is my cd drives

OPS20.09.2003 23:03
what is that anyway... it´s hard to make out from those bad images